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Neighborhood News

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  • 05/31/2023 5:46 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    Two easy-to-use composting bins have been installed at the East Asheville Public Library. It’s easy to register online using this registration link and once you’ve registered you will receive the padlock code and be able to drop off your kitchen food scraps at any time. You can also pick up a free countertop composting bin at the library desk, while supplies last. 

    Our increased bear population has influenced many of us to give up backyard composting. Having a bear-secure composting station in our neighborhood makes it easy to keep kitchen waste out of our landfill where it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, turning it into rich compost instead (aka "black gold").

    The bin shelters are located near the basketball court and consist of two small top-lift sheds that contain two bins each. It’s easy to use: 1) unlock the padlock with the code you get when you register, 2) lift the wooden lid and dump your food scraps in the green bins, and 3) close the lid, lock the padlock, and scramble the passcode.

    To learn more about the Asheville City and Buncombe County Food Scrap Drop Off Pilot Program check out the City of Asheville website.

    HCCA supports this opportunity to save landfill space, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to high quality compost production. We encourage you to participate and help spread the word!

  • 04/26/2023 5:23 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    City of Asheville Capital Projects Director Jade Dundas reports further construction delays on a new 4,000 foot sidewalk in Haw Creek due to staff vacancies, design review, and right of way acquisition. "We are continuing to work diligently to advance all projects with the commitment to have them all bid and awarded by the Fall bond deadline," says Dundas in an April 25 update. Following is an image from a presentation that he included in a recent City Council update to show progress on this and other projects.

    Also included is a map showing the sidewalk location, which will run between Beverly and Bell roads–connecting two schools, the ballfields and pool, our commercial district, plus Haw Creek Park, the library and Tunnel Road–enabling residents to walk safely between these destinations.

    November 2023 is the seven-year deadline by which all projects approved in the 2016 bond referendum must be underway.

  • 04/22/2023 10:04 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    On Earth Day, a dedicated group of volunteers spent their morning removing vines from around trees and brush from along the trails at Haw Creek Park. They deserve kudos for working in the rain to reduce the ivy that is strangling so many of our trees. HCCA appreciates their commitment to improving our local park.

  • 04/01/2023 9:00 AM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    A small group of HCCA volunteers cleared a path to connect the new Masters Park parking lot and the park trail head on Maple Drive. The new 90 foot path is lined with stones and logs, and required transplanting two species of orchids away from the path. This path provides a safe passage for hikers, who can now avoid walking on Maple Drive.

    The City of Asheville will complete a footbridge over a small culvert to enable hikers to avoid a mud pit after a heavy rain. HCCA is working with the City to provide new signage and a kiosk.

  • 03/26/2023 10:16 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    The City of Asheville is considering instituting a ban on single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam takeout containers. The City has published a plastic reduction survey and invited all community members to provide feedback before the April 30 deadline. HCCA supports this ban and encourages residents to take this short survey to help inform next steps and recommended actions. 

    Please use this opportunity to make your voice heard by completing the survey at Background information is available at

    HCCA hosted a special program last October that covered this topic and other important environmental issues related to protecting Haw Creek’s watershed. Anna Alsobrook, Watershed Outreach Coordinator at MountainTrue, discussed this proposed single-use plastic ban.

    Water quality testing concludes that microplastic pollution is widespread throughout the French Broad River Basin and other WNC waterways. MountainTrue is working to stop plastic pollution at its source and implement a single-use plastic ban in Buncombe County. We can and should enact legislation at the local level to limit single-use plastics before they end up as litter and microplastic pollution in our rivers, lakes, and streams.

    This plastic reduction survey is an important step in getting a plastic bag and Styrofoam take-out container ban through the City Council.

  • 03/16/2023 9:00 AM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    Long-time Haw Creek resident Bernard Arghiere was recognized for his tireless work and leadership on the Masters Park parking lot project. He received the “Dogged Determination” award at the Haw Creek Community Association's annual meeting on March 14, before an audience of 80+ residents.

    Bernie’s love for Masters Park inspired his work on the parking lot, which has spots for 8 vehicles, including one handicapped spot. This off-road parking lot will provide safe vehicle parking and help prevent erosion of the shoulder on Maple Drive in front of the park.

    The parking lot will eventually have a kiosk and new signage, along with a path to directly connect the parking lot to the trail head. 

    In addition, several years ago Bernie prepared a gallery of over 210 different species of wildflower images. The flowers were located and identified along the short stretch of Maple Drive near Masters Park, along the park trail itself, and along the short walk, on the connecting Mountains-to-Sea Trail, to the Haw Creek valley overlook rock and its surroundings. HCCA is currently working to include this wildflower gallery in our new website on the Haw Creek Valley Parks and Recreation page.

  • 03/15/2023 9:00 AM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    The March 14, 2023 annual meeting and board election of the Haw Creek Community Association had strong attendance with over 80 residents participating. Guests Kristina Israel, Community Engagement Manager, and Meredith Friedman, Neighborhood Service Specialist, spoke about their roles connecting the City of Asheville to local communities like ours.

    Meeting highlights included honoring Bernard Arghiere with the “Dogged Determination” award for his work and leadership on the Masters Park parking lot; electing four new volunteers (Bruce Black, Shelley McKechnie, Liz Polfus, and Storms Reback) to the board of directors; and initiating a community discussion on the upcoming sale of the 26-acre property on New Haw Creek Road.

    For those unable to attend, meeting minutes will be available after March 22:

  • 03/01/2023 9:25 AM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    The Masters Park new off-road parking lot is now open, providing safe vehicle parking off Maple Drive. Thank you to the 80+ residents who contributed more than $85k to fund the project and special thanks to Bernard Arghiere for leading the effort. Masters Park provides an easy hiking trail that leads to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

    We are currently working on creating a path to directly connect the parking lot to the trail head and adding new signage and a kiosk.

  • 02/21/2023 10:00 AM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    Read all the latest news about Haw Creek—including the changing ownership of a 26-acre landmark property—in this edition of the HCCA newsletter. This issue also has updates on the Masters Park parking lot, the sidewalk extension on New Haw Creek Road, the Beverly Road pedestrian bridge, and the adopt-a-storm drain program in Haw Creek.

    The newsletter was mailed to all residents on February 21 as part of HCCA’s community outreach efforts. The issue is available online at

  • 12/23/2022 12:06 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

    The longest community development project in Haw Creek history–a new 4,000 foot sidewalk on New Haw Creek Road–has yet to break ground. Approved by Asheville voters as part of a 2016 bond referendum, the New Haw Creek Road sidewalk will run between Beverly and Bell roads–connecting two schools, the ballfields and pool, our commercial district, plus Haw Creek Park, the library and Tunnel Road–enabling residents to walk safely between these destinations.

    We asked Jade Dundas, Capital Projects Director with the City of Asheville, for a project update and received the following response:

    “We are presently in the process of acquiring right of way in order to construct this project. Work continues with our design consultant to finish up the design and submit the plans for final DOT review. Considering the remaining steps in design, we anticipate that the project will be bid by May of 2023….The project will begin soon after bidding and awarding next May. Construction is expected to take one year and the project will be completed by June 2024.”

    The City recognizes that this is something the community has been anxiously anticipating and they’re requesting our patience. We will continue to follow up and report any new developments on this long-awaited project.

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