Join Haw Creek

The Haw Creek Community Association (HCCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves the residents and property owners of Haw Creek Valley in Asheville, NC, by providing community connections, communications, and coordinated representation on all matters that improve the neighborhood’s quality of life and safety.

Mission Statement

We inspire engagement and mobilize resources to enrich lives, protect our natural beauty and promote safety in the Haw Creek valley of Asheville, NC.

HCCA is a member of the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods.

Bountiful Cities Loves Your Leaves

Did you know that: Firefly larvae looks just like leaf litter? Ladybug larvae look like leafy little dragons? Queen bees overwinter beneath autumn’s fallen leaves? […]

Greenworks Autumn Tree Giveaway!

Autumn Tree Giveaway Sunday, October 31st 10am-2pm Sand Hill Nursery at the Buncombe County Sports Park Registration required! In an effort to combat the loss […]

Growth and Development Survey!

There’s still time to participate in the Haw Creek Growth and Development Survey! Please ask your neighbors and children to participate: all voices matter!

Blue Horizon Project Home Energy Chats

October 2021 in Haw Creek

The leaves are blushing, the nights are cool, and the bears are into our pumpkins! It must be October in Haw Creek! This month, there […]

Welcoming New Local Businesses!

Please join us in welcoming Fox & Crowe Salon and Sugar Hollow Solar to Haw Creek! Both are located at the intersection of Beverly Rd […]