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Rezoning and Development Process

The sale of the property at 767 New Haw Creek Road is not complete, and ultimately, this proposed development will require a majority vote of approval by the Asheville City Council. Before then, the Planning & Zoning Commission and others will review the project, and there will be multiple opportunities to make our concerns heard. 


This Development Guide, published by Mountain Xpress in 2022, features tips for effective public comment, how projects get approved, and flowcharts of planning processes. At 48 pages, it's a comprehensive companion to land-use planning in Buncombe County.


Technical Review Committee 2/5/2024 meeting 

The first official City review occurred Monday, February 5, when the Technical Review Committee (TRC) met virtually to discuss whether the proposal was in compliance with Asheville development standards. Leaders from departments such as Public Works, Fire, MSD, Water, Transportation, and more, indicated the proposal was largely in technical compliance. There were 145 people on the meeting call during the proposal review, although no public comments were allowed. It was such a big turnout that Sam Starr-Baum, the city planner assigned to this proposal, shared that although it was “unconventional” for him to make an announcement during a virtual meeting, he felt compelled to share that the turnout of 145 people was the largest he had ever seen in a TRC meeting, in large part due to the number of engaged community members from Haw Creek. He also shared he has been receiving numerous emails from neighbors, which will be compiled and shared with the Planning & Zoning Commission, and hopefully the City Council too. 

Upcoming Meetings

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