Membership is available to all residents and property owners of the Haw Creek Community.

Membership fee is $20 per household, payable in January.

We strive to keep Haw Creek a great community. The Haw Creek Community Association needs your participation to keep the community flowing. We manage this website, a Facebook page and a Nextdoor page. We also provide the community with newsletters and events. We rely on people who live in the community to volunteer to help us in these endeavors. Along with volunteers we need funds to help the process. In an effort to make memberships affordable for everyone, we keep the amount low.

The HCCA is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and all dues and donations
are tax-deductible.

You may pay by check or pay online through PayPal (no PayPal account necessary – credit cards accepted) by clicking on the “Pay for Membership” button below.

If paying by check, make your check payable to “HCCA” and mail to:
P.O. Box 9193
Asheville, NC 28815

If not printed on your check, please write: member names, postal address, phone number, and e-mail address in the memo area or on an attached note.