Communications & Development Committee

Communications & Development Meeting

July 27, 2022, 7:00-8:30 pm


Chris Pelly, Christina Maggi, Phil Trunnell, Rick Fornoff

Unable to attend

Krista Gamble, Michael Harrison, Suzanne Amelung


Everyone present agreed to serve on the committee and Christina volunteered to chair

Christina will email Suzanne, Michael and Krista to seek their opinion about WildApricot, the new information management system that the board approved and we are planning to use; target date to go live is October 1

Christina will arrange a meeting/call with Phil, Suzanne, Michael, Krista and Chris to discuss and determine which option we want to go with:

  • Keep existing WordPress website, which will require viewers to leave our site in order to make a donation, or
  • Migrate our WordPress website to a WildApricot template to create a seamless experience when making donations

Phil will prepare a presentation and show board members how the WildApricot system will work for us at the September 13 board meeting

Chris will talk with Michael about posting new content to the website

Rick suggested HCCA open a Twitter account

Phil will research the cost of hiring a social media consultant

Rick will find out what Gmail options are available for HCCA and if we can get the same address for our URL

Krista will set up a Gmail account using the name Rick recommends and create a Google Docs Work Space where we can archive HCCA documents

Christina will set up a shared Google calendar using the Gmail address and enable board and committee members to view all meeting and event dates

Christina will follow up with Michael about setting up a Get Involved page on the website

Christina will follow up with Krista, who is organizing the various lists into one master Excel spreadsheet, which Phil will format and upload to the new system

Phil will work with Christina to set up automatic electronic acknowledgment emails and a system to identify larger ($100+) gifts that will receive an acknowledgment letter

Christina distributed draft language for use on the website and in HCCA materials, which was reviewed and approved; a slightly revised mission statement will be reviewed for approval at a future board meeting

Christina distributed a draft marketing plan for a fundraising campaign that would launch in October with a newsletter appeal (and announcement of a public board meeting on November 10), followed by a series of emails and social media outreach beginning on November 29, Giving Tuesday

Christina suggested exploring event sponsorship and foundation funding—to be discussed with Sarah/others at a future date

Committee should conduct a tab-by-tab review of the website before the newsletter mails to ensure all pages, especially donation pages and links, look and work as expected

Chris is working on drafting a brochure that can be used as a handout at events

Chris will order HCCA stickers with the website address—pending a new URL

Christina will follow up with board members and compile brief bios for the website

Christina will work with a local realtor to identify new residents and deliver a brochure/membership form to introduce them to HCCA

Next meeting: Wednesday August 31, 7:00 pm


June 29, 2022, 7:00-8:30 pm


Chris Pelly, Christina Maggi, Krista Gamble, Meghan Quinn, Phil Trunnell, Renate Rikkers, Rick Fornoff, Susan Michael

Unable to attend

Michael Harrison, Suzanne Amelung



Chris and Christina co-chaired the meeting and Chris will recommend that the board formalize a Communications & Development Committee at the July 20 meeting (members would include Chris, Christina, Krista, Meghan, Michael, Phil, Rick, Suzanne)

Rick will review the website to see if he can work with WordPress (an open-source content management system) and help improve its functionality (Chris will get access info from Michael and send it to Rick)

Phil is researching subscriber database options that will enable us to capture donor and gift information and will present examples and costs at the next meeting

Krista will organize the existing membership Excel spreadsheet so it can be used for mailings (Chris will send her the most recent list)

Phil will receive all new donor information for accounting purposes and then forward data to Krista for incorporation into member spreadsheet—need to determine how acknowledgment letters will be processed and mailed, and how to link new information to the email list, which is managed by Michael

Krista will set up Google Docs (with seamless sharing) as a way to archive HCCA documents/achievements for future reference as board members change

Meghan will continue to serve as the website content manager and upload HCCA committee descriptions (Christina to send document)

Meghan will update the website calendar weekly (tentatively on Wednesdays) with events as provided by committee chairs

Christina and Meghan will review and refine the mission statement, value proposition and other language for the website with assistance from Chris and Rick

Krista volunteered to manage the HCCA Facebook page

Meghan will manage the HCCA Instagram account (Christina to send her password)

Chris will draft a brochure that can be used as a handout at events

Chris will order HCCA stickers

Christina and Krista will put together a sample welcome package for new residents

Christina will draft a marketing plan to launch a fundraising campaign in November

Christina will recommend to Leslie that the Community Outreach Committee make connections with local groups and/or table at local events such as the tailgate market, PTA, Haw Creek Commons, etc.

Integrate QR code in all media


Next meeting: Wednesday July 27 at 7:00 pm