January 2022 Association Update

Happy New Year, HCCA members and neighbors! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a lovely start to 2022. A newsletter is forthcoming; but we wanted to give you a few quick updates in the meantime.

Haw Creek Pedestrian Bridge

We are thrilled to announce that the City of Asheville has awarded us $5000 towards the completion of a pedestrian bridge in “downtown” Haw Creek. The project is being spear-headed, and largely funded, by the owners of Creekside Taphouse, who want to ensure the safety of staff and guests.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the community association is typically scheduled for the first Tuesday in March. At this meeting, among other items, we elect a board of directors and officers. With the pandemic not yet over, it is likely this public gathering will have to be postponed. When conditions allow, we will reschedule the annual meeting as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Board, please get in touch!

Parking at Master’s Park

A great deal of progress is being made with regard to the parking area at Master’s Park. We’re waiting on final decisions of a few grant applications, and will update the community soon!

BearWise: Tips for All of Us

Given the uptick in human-bear interaction in our community, neighbor Sarah Oram has these top tips from BearWise to to keep everyone safe!

BearWise Haw Creek participants agree to:

  • Not put out their garbage until collection day morning, and to secure it (in a garage, shed, or locked area) throughout the week
  • Not feel bears directly
  • Secure or remove unintended bear food sources around the house (birdseed, dirty grills, pet food, garbage, etc)
  • Contact State Assistant Biologist, Ashley Hobbs (Ashley.Hobbs@ncwildlife.org) to report escalated bear behavior and to secure/remove any bear attractants for at least two weeks after the reported incident
  • Notify NC Wildlife’s Justin McVey on 828 273 7980 about any bear encounters that feel unusually aggressive to humans or pets
  • Educate Haw Creek neighbors and friends about BearWise recommendations for the safety of both humans and bears

Sarah would like to organize neighborhoods in Haw Creek for BearWise certification. If you are interested in learning more, please contact her on 828 298 4893 or oramsarah@gmail.com.


Feature image from Pixabay

Are You a Member of Our Community Association?

Haw Creek residents know our valley is the best kept secret in Asheville. We’re not subject to cut-thru traffic, congestion, or high density development. We’re close to nature and close to town with a country-in-the-city vibe. We have a lot for which to be thankful.

Still, like the rest of Asheville, growth and development continues as more people move in. Stopping growth is not an option, nor should we seek to. Rather, our community association seeks to balance growth with improvements that benefit all residents.

Haw Creek Park and Masters Park were initiated by our community association as are on-going efforts to expand our sidewalk system and other projects. Neighbors united under the banner of the Haw Creek Community Association have, since the 1980’s, worked to affect positive change while welcoming all who choose to call Haw Creek home.

Your $20 a year tax-deductible membership in our community association helps make this positive change possible. Please become a member today as well as consider becoming a volunteer as we can always use the help.

Thank you,

Chris Pelly, President
Haw Creek Community Association