Renate Rikkers Awarded for ‘Dogged Determination’

Dear Haw Creek Neighbors,


Please join me in congratulating our neighbor, Renate Rikkers, who was honored June 28th for her years of service to the Haw Creek community. Below is the statement explaining how she made a difference, in so many ways, to our community. Thank you, Renate!

Chris Pelly

From our public meeting on 28 June – 

Before we close tonight, there is one more item for which I seek your attention. The Haw Creek Community Association relies on volunteers from the community to help us achieve our goals. The best of these volunteers bring a high level initiative and tenacity to this work.

Believe or not, when we are promoting issues important to the Haw Creek community, sometimes we run into delays and setbacks and obstructions. Sometimes we’re told to wait.

So, it takes a special strength of character to keep going and keep moving forward. And sometimes it takes even more. Sometimes it takes, quite frankly,  dogged determination – a character trait I believe is oftentimes undervalued.

Maybe we all can’t be the fastest, or the strongest, or the youngest anymore; but dogged determination is a superpower available to anyone – if we choose to use it.

One member of the Haw Creek Community Association  has consistently demonstrated this trait.

Let me tell you about her:

  • She initiated and organized weekly food trucks in the middle of the pandemic to help keep our community connected
  • She has organized, for several years, litter clean up efforts throughout our valley
  • She has made many personal visits to the Public Works Department, the Department of Transportation, Asheville Greenworks, and many other agencies, all in service of building effective working relationships between the Haw Creek community and these institutions
  • She has lead efforts on enforcement against illegal signs so our community can look its best
  • When barking dogs were a noisy scourge in our community, she led efforts to strengthen the animal control ordinance
  • To promote safety and connection between neighbors, she has organized a phone tree on her street–something we might consider on our own street
  • And, with her friendly and on-going outreach, she has recruited multiple volunteers for this very community association

Tonight we salute Renate Rikkers for her can-do attitude on behalf of our community. Her Dogged Determination is an example of living a purposeful life in service to others. Renate is tough and strong and determined; and she makes a difference. Her Dogged Determination has made a difference over and over for the Haw Creek community.

Tonight we present Renate Rikkers with the Dogged Determination award for her selfless service to Haw Creek and Asheville. Because of Renate we’re a better, cleaner, and more social community. This award is our recognition of this fact. Thank you, Renate!

Welcoming New Local Businesses!

Please join us in welcoming Fox & Crowe Salon and Sugar Hollow Solar to Haw Creek!

Both are located at the intersection of Beverly Rd and New Haw Creek Rd, and you can find them online at and

Fox & Crowe Salon, a boutique salon, opened their doors at 552 New Haw Creek Rd Suite A on May 3rd. Owner-stylist Katie Fisher (Fox) has been a stylist in Asheville for over 10 years, and also lives in Haw Creek. Owner-stylist, Noelle (Crowe) has also been a stylist for 10 years. Both envisioned a salon environment offering organic products, high quality service, in a bright, calm atmosphere, surrounded by plants. They are very excited to be a part of Haw Creek. By appointment only. Visit them at

Sugar Hollow Solar has just moved into 2 Miller Rd East, behind Fox & Crowe. They’re still setting up but would love a visit if you want to come say hello. Sugar Hill Solar has been helping homeowners, businesses, and government go solar in western NC and upstate SC since 2010. Born and raised in Fairview, NC, they’ve left the farm and are glad to make Haw Creek their new headquarters with our warehouse just a few minutes away on Swannanoa River Rd.

Sugar Hollow Solar’s mission is to help neighbors transition to clean, affordable energy through installing solar panels, battery backup, EV chargers, and more. Founded by two cousins, Phelps Clarke & Doug Ager, the organization was recently voted best solar installer in WNC by Mountain Express readers and are proud to be known for their honesty, reliability, and expertise.

If you’re curious about solar for your home or business, please reach out for a free quote. Sugar Hill Solar is offering anyone in the Haw Creek neighborhood $500 off of a solar system and will work with you to design the perfect system to meet your needs.

The Haw Creek Community Association is pleased to welcome Fox and Crowe and Sugar Hollow Solar to our Haw Creek community.

Honoring Good Neighbors Ron and Joan Chancellor

Good Neighbor Award to Ron Chancellor

The traffic circle on North Pershing Rd. is once again blooming thanks to the kindness of Haw Creek’s own Ron Chancellor. He and his landscaping crew plant and maintain the flower garden as a way “to say thank you to my neighbors and my landscaping customers,” according to Ron.

As in years past, they spent last weekend planting flowers for the community to enjoy. Ron was helped by his wife, Joan, and son, Ronnie Issac. Danny Mitchell, Frederick Buykin, Anthony Littlejohn, Kent Mosley and Shirnell Lankford also assisted with the job.

The Haw Creek Community Association salutes Ron and his team for being good neighbors helping to beautify our community.

Neighborhood update

Dear Haw Creek Community Asso. member,

With this message, your board of directors is excited to report two important developments.

First, we now have a direct method for communicating with you. This Listserv is only for dues-paying members. Instead of hoping you spot our messages on Facebook or Next Door, we can now communicate directly with Haw Creek Association members. We won’t flood your in-box but will share timely and relevant news that affects you and the Haw Creek community.

Second, the board of directors is undertaking our first fundraising campaign to make tangible improvements here in Haw Creek. Below is our campaign plan and goal for building a parking lot and kiosk for Masters Park. We’re hopeful you agree and consider supporting this initiative.

For more information and a flyer you can print and share, follow this link.

Thank you,
Chris Pelly, President

Masters Park Challenge

Longtime residents of Haw Creek may recall the 2009 campaign which led to creation of Masters Park. Our community association partnered with Buncombe County and the City of Asheville with each providing a third of the $720,000 purchase price for the nine-acre site on Maple Drive which is now Masters Park. At the time the plan was to build a parking lot but it was during the Great Recession and funds were limited.

Fast forward twelve years. The park is well loved with an estimated 15,000 visitors a year. However we still only have roadside parking with erosion and congestion worsening. For this reason our community association is undertaking a fundraising campaign to build a 12-vehicle parking lot and kiosk for Masters Park.

We successfully fundraised before and we feel like we can again–with your help. The budget for these improvements is $25,000. Our goal is raising this amount by June 30th with improvements completed by September 30th, 2021.

Tax deductible donations can be made via our website: Donate button at bottom of homepage.

By mail, please send donation checks to HCCA at P O Box 9193, Asheville, NC 28815.

To print a handy flyer about this project, Click Here.

Current parking at Masters Park

Q and A about this plan:

Why isn’t the City of Asheville building the parking lot?

This parking lot is considered a ‘Capital Improvement’ by Asheville Parks & Recreation. At present, this department has a 4+ year waiting list of capital improvements. As roadside erosion at Masters Park is worsening, the board of directors of the community association determined we cannot wait four years to fix this problem.

Why is an off-road parking lot needed?

Current visitors can only park alongside Maple Drive which tends to block traffic on this narrow roadway, especially delivery trucks and other larger vehicles. If needed, once the parking lot is completed, ‘No Parking’ signs may be posted on the road.

How many vehicles will the lot hold?

Our goal is a parking lot for twelve vehicles.

Why do we need a kiosk?

The kiosk is to provide information about Masters Park and its unique eco-system. To learn more, please read the Summer, 2020 newsletter linked on this website under the Community News header.

Who is Masters Park named after?

Rory and Hazel Masters were life-long Haw Creek residents who helped found the Haw Creek volunteer fire department among other contributions. For more about the Masters family, please read the Fall, 2008 newsletter linked on this website under the Community News header.

East Asheville Library update Feb 23

“East Asheville Library fans are eager for a construction update, and we aim to please. While construction on the new facility is moving along and on schedule, there are still some important steps to go before we turn the final page on this project.”

Click through for more info and a picture gallery of the current state of the library.


Bad News and Good News in Haw Creek

Sadly, Haw Creek Park was defaced by graffiti vandals Tuesday evening, January 26th. History markers that tell the story of our valley were desecrated and shelters and signs were defaced. Anyone with information on those responsible please call the police non-emergency number 252-1110.

The good news is the Public Works Dept. responded fast and by Thursday morning were hard at work removing the offending graffiti. Thanks for Public Works director Greg Shuler and his able staff for addressing this quickly.

A Pump Track in Haw Creek Park?

Haw Creek residents Ofri Hirsch and Griff Gamble are promoting a pump track in Haw Creek Park and would like your support. They are circulating a petition, along with pump track details, within the attached link: Sign the pledge to support our proposal for a pump track at Haw Creek Park

Although our community association has not taken a formal position on this idea, we believe it is important to learn if there is community support before deciding.

What’s up with the New Haw Creek Rd sidewalk expansion?

A recent questioner on Next Door asked for a progress report on the New Haw Creek sidewalk, set for expansion between Beverly Rd and Bell Rd.

As you might recall, this sidewalk expansion was included in a package of improvements Asheville voters approved in a November, 2016 bond referendum. The terms of the bond required all improvements be made within seven years, meaning work completed by November, 2023. As we are now 4+ years into the 7-year program, it is fair to ask when we can expect completion of the New Haw Creek sidewalk expansion.

I asked Lora Sepion, Project Manager with the City, the same question in November, 2020. Below is the answer she provided.

Hi Chris.
I am not able to get you an answer as yet regarding the schedule for installation of New Haw Creek Road Sidewalks. A large portion of the funding is coming from the NC DOT. Their projects have been put on hold due to cash flow / revenue issues. They are by state law unable to commit funds that are not actually available. Meanwhile, the City is continuing with the design and Right-Of-Way acquisition so that once the funds do come available at DOT we will be ready to go with this project. All that said, we are hoping to bid this project in early 2022.
Meanwhile, the new community engagement platform is operational. We will be working with our consultant to reach out to the community in the near future.
Again, I am sorry I could not be more definitive, but I hope this information helps.
Thank you,

Lora Sepion, PEProject Manager
Capital Projects Department
The City of Asheville
Phone: 828-575-4385

Ms. Sepion mentions a ‘community engagement platform,’ which is designed to allow the public to give virtual feedback. At some point in 2021 we expect the City of Asheville to release the proposed design plans for the sidewalk and with this platform you will be able to give feedback.

Like most everything else, the pandemic has slowed progress on this important and needed improvement. That said, it is my goal that when our world reopens, hopefully later this year, we can use the full range of citizen advocacy tools to address the needs of Haw Creek.

Thank you,
Chris Pelly, President
Haw Creek Community Association