Bountiful Cities Loves Your Leaves

Did you know that:

  • Firefly larvae looks just like leaf litter?
  • Ladybug larvae look like leafy little dragons?
  • Queen bees overwinter beneath autumn’s fallen leaves?
  • Many caterpillars over-winter in fallen leaves and debris piles?

Neither did we – until now!

We can help create insect friendly gardens in Haw Creek by gently raking our leaves and piling our sticks into a corner of the garden.

See the value in leaf litter but still want a leaf-free yard?

Bountiful Cities hears you, and they will happily collect your raked and bagged leaves. Simply call them onĀ 828 775 0614 or email them at, and they will collect your leaves for composting at local school and community gardens!

Firefly / lightning bug larvae
Butterfly emerging from leaf-like chrysalis
Ladybug larvae
Spicebush swallowtail chrysalis