‘Downtown’ Haw Creek Footbridge

Among the issues your community association is working to address is pedestrian safety, especially where Beverly Rd meets New Haw Creek Rd at PennyCup and Creekside Taphouse. Vehicle parking in the large parking lot off Beverly Rd forces patrons to walk within the roadway where Beverly Rd crosses Haw Creek.

A safer solution is a pedestrian bridge across the creek between the parking lot and businesses. Already in place is a steel structure maintained by AT&T that could serve as a foundation support for the pedestrian bridge.

The Haw Creek Asso. is working with stakeholders–business owners, the City, and AT&T–to build a foot bridge and remedy this pedestrian safety hazard. There are issues to overcome such as flood plain questions, funding, and liability matters. That said, your community association is committed to finding a solution that makes Haw Creek’s “downtown” safer for all residents.