Community Safety Meeting Follow Up

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you so much for your support of the Community Safety Meeting tonight (Tuesday, June 4). On less than a week’s notice, over 120 of you showed up to learn how we can make our neighborhood safer. We know that many of you were unable to attend tonight, so we wanted to provide an update on the meeting. In addition to our neighbors, we were joined tonight by Asheville Police Department Community Resource Liaison Lt. Tammy Flanigan-Bryson, Community Resource Officer Colby Fox, and Officer Keith McCulloch, and the management team from Spruce Hill apartments. It was clear that all parties are very committed to working together to address safety issues within the neighborhood.

Neighbors were able to ask a lot of important questions about recent crimes and share their observations about things they have seen in the neighborhood. We learned that the Spruce Hill shooting from last week is still under investigation and, therefore, the officers were not able to share many details. There was police presence along Beverly Road at the same time as the shooting because the officers thought a car involved in the shooting might be in the area, but that turned out not to be the case. In the last week, officers have completed over 18 hours of crime prevention work in the Spruce Hill area. This work is not related to calls for service and include things like foot patrols.

You can learn about incidents in Haw Creek through the APD’s Community Crime Map and Simplicity websites:

The management team at Spruce Hills started in February and is committed to making the community safe for all. One challenge they are facing is with non-residents and visitors to the complex. They are working with the company’s senior management team and the APD to implement additional safety measures.

Neighbors and the officers shared a lot of really great ideas for increasing the safety of our neighborhood. They include:
1. Always lock our car and house doors. Remove all valuables from our cars.
2. See something, say something: if you see anything unusual or suspicious, always report it to the police department by calling 911 or 828-252-1110 (non-emergency line). Providing detailed information about what you witnessed helps them to build cases and discover patterns.
3. Sign up for the USPS’ Informed Delivery ( and collect your mail from your mailbox by 6:00 pm each day to help reduce mail theft.
4. Get to know your neighbors and participate in community forums like NextDoor as a way to share important information.
5. Visit the APD’s Crime Prevention website for a lot of good resources:
6. Advocate for additional resources for the police department to City Council members:
7. Establish an active neighborhood watch in your community.

There was great support for establishing an active neighborhood watch in Haw Creek. And that’s where we need your help! Do you want to be a leader for creating a neighborhood watch? Email us today at

The HCCA will be scheduling a meeting with Officer Fox in the coming weeks to begin this process and we want you to be there. Email us today, so we can be sure you get all the info!

Thank you again for attending the meeting tonight and your commitment to making Haw Creek safe. It was clear how much we each value our neighbors and want to be part of a safe and thriving community.

The Haw Creek Community Association has been committed to advocating for the well-being of Haw Creek for over 30 years. Please join us today! For just $12 a year per household, we are able to provide the resources necessary to have these important conversations and build a connected, safe community.